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How long should my brake pads last?


A lot of Nigerians think that brake pads should only last about 6 months at best. Not so. Like several things in life, it depends on the grade (material composition) of the brake pads you buy.

Ceramic brake pads, even on a car that is driven consistently in stop and go traffic can last three years. Yeah that’s right…surprised?

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Quick indicators of low quality brake pads

  • Black dust around the tyre rim that keep reappearing
  • Squealing noise when brake pedal is applied

Using low quality brake pads cost you more in the medium term by destroying your brake discs. Brake discs are significantly more expensive to replace than brake pads so it is in your interest to avoid undue damage to them by using the right quality of brake pads.

When your brake pads are overdue for a change you notice the following:

  • Noisy brakes – Vibration and squealing when brakes are applied
  • Pulsating pedal – The pedal pulsates when brakes are applied. It may also indicate problems with the rotor
  • Poor brake response – Reduced capacity to slow the vehicle effectively
    What are the Implications of Failure?
    Worst case? Death…to the driver or an unfortunate pedestrian. Do we really need to say that driving with bad brake pads can kill?

Questions or concerns about your brake pads, braking system, or any of your vehicle’s components? Send an email to: customercare@mymoto-xe.com or chat with us on WhatsApp with your vehicle VIN/Chassis number (17 alphanumeric) so that we can get you the right fit of parts needed for your vehicle.

We are only selling brake pads for ONLY Japanese and Korean vehicle brands

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